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When I was a little girl, people called me « Stitch » like the little blue Disney monster, « it’s only instinct; to destroy everything he touches »

It is said that I had skipped the phase of learning to walk as a baby, I went from crawling to running immediately. The word that my mother repeated the most in her young adult life was my name ‘Carla', which she shouted in every store, park, and establishment, searching for me, in the first minutes of our arrival.

My aunt thought I was hyperactive, I had a lot of difficulty standing still.

During many family dinners, My close ones loved to remind me of my cousin's wedding, saying that I, being 5 years old, had ruined it. I stamped my feet while running in the church, nicked the microphone out of the priest's hands while he shared with us the holly words that would bind my cousin and his wife forever, I screamed.


In the summer of 2006, my mom comes home in the afternoon, as per usual, she shouts my name while looking briefly in the different rooms of the house. It's very quiet, she doesn't hear a sound, ‘that’s not a good thing’ she thinks to herself and decides to check again if I wasn't in the living room, and here she sees me;

at the table, completely serene and silent.

Holding a pencil between my small fingers and looking at my sheet,

I was drawing.


Since then, I never stopped.

At every moment of boredom or sudden inspiration, I create shapes with colors using my hands.

about the art


I draw through my poetry.

I write and then I draw, or I draw and then I write.


I am drawn to certain ideas and values ​​which reflect in my work.

I like to draw and represent 'femininity' in its natural being and how I interpret it, not through standards but through feelings. I love to visualize and create femininity through the strength of colors and their vibrations.

I create human forms by raising the question of gender, I draw feminine men and masculine women. Color is a key element of my creative expression. Through color one can feel cold loneliness or human warmth.

about prints
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All prints are withdrawn from sales 2 years after their arrival, they will no longer be available afterward. This makes each print a one-of-a-kind, limited edition work.

Prints are delivered without white edges, each print is signed and named on the back.


Prints with the size A5 (15cm x 20cm) to A3 (20cm x 30cm) are printed on 200g paper using laser printing, a new printing technology ensuring the highest print quality.


A2 (45cm x 60cm) to A1 (60cm x 85cm) format prints are printed on 200g paper also using laser printing.

about shipping
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All orders are carefully wrapped in paper and recyclable materials only.

The materials used are craft paper, translucent paper, hardback envelopes and cardboard mailing tube.

I avoid all types of plastic waste and the mailing tubes are reusable!



Delivery costs vary according to country, size and weight. You will see the exact cost in your basket before check out.

I will send out your orders within 14 days from Monday through Friday.


The studio is located in Vienna, Austria.

The orders will take the following travel time depending on where you live:


Belgium: 5 - 10 working days after shipping

Europe: approximately 10 - 20 working days after shipping

Worldwide: approximately 15 - 35 working days after shipping

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